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Listen to their music and enjoy it
Thursday, 17 May 2012@08:13

Um ah oh yeah ! Sorry for my ugly picture . I wanna to tell about their history 1D : 

  • Niall James Horan born on 13/9/1993
  • Liam James  Payne born on 29/8/1993
  • Zayn Jawaad Malik born on 12/01/1993
  • Harry Edward Styles born on 01/02/1994
  • Louis William Tomlinson born on 24/12/1991
FYI : Niall is the only boys who come from Ireland
FYI : Zayn's real name is Zain but he prefers Zayn
FYI : Harry likes girls who older then him
FYI : Louis the oldest among them
FYI : Liam only has 1 kidney

They were normal boys who audition in X-FACTOR on 2010 . And they were gather in one group as known as ONE DIRECTION . For your information , Harry gave their group name . And their first name is NEW STATUS . But Harry change it . In the X-FACTOR they won in third place . For your information too , Liam audition for the second time . The first his audition was in 2008 but Simon Cowell ( their mentor ) thinks that he not ready yet . You know what ? Their first song is TORN not What Makes You Beautiful okay . Do you know who the biggest bromance among all of them ? LARRY STYLINSON ! Harry + Louis . Larry is REAL ! And now they the first boy band who success ! Oh yeah . Well now you know ? Hell yes ! I'm so proud :') That why I called as DIRECTIONER :) And listen to their music ! Once you listen to their music you will fall in love with them ! You have who ? I have STYPAYHORALIKSON xx