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Louis William Tomlinson's Day !
Tuesday, 25 December 2012@17:45

Hey boys and girls ! Yes , I know i'm kinda late about Louis's birthday ! I went to my village and my aunt's house for 2 days . Okay okay , actually I wanna to make a video for Louis's birthday but yeah you know ? I'm busy . Anyways , Happy Belated Birthday  Louis William Tomlinson ! Slap me guys ! He is 21 years old this year ! I wanna to say , have a blast year Louis ! I hope you and Eleanor stay happy ever after ! You guys  made me proud ! And oh ! MERRY CHRISTMAS ! Tommo/Boo Bear/Louis/Lou baby , I love you forever and ever ! Lots of love from me ! xx

Ika says : Okay , you may turn off the LWWY song first if you wanna to watch the video ! :D